Monday, January 4, 2010

Sleigh Riding

Today we decided to head over to Logan!  I love Logan, especially in the winter is so beautiful!  Well this weekend we thought we would visit and hang out with Aunt Shua, since it was her birthday on Monday.  We went seleigh riding on Old Main Hill, and played in the snow.  Later, Nana, and Grandma Dorothy came over and we all ate dinner.  We love you Aunt Sharon!  Hope that it was a wonderful weekend for you!  Happy Birthday!!

Abby, Mallory, and Lou

Landon, Me, Skyler, Mallory             

Landon has definately had ENOUGH!


Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 2009

So, I am the biggest BLACKER! (blog slacker according to Candis)  I really promise to get better at posting, especially for Katie! :)  So I hadn't posted any pictures from Christmas time, and my kids were definately spoiled this year! For that we will give a special shout out to the grandparents!  Landon got a Wii,(well, we all got one, but don't tell Landon that) and Mally got a doll house and they both got a cute little puppy, from Santa. After much contemplation, and a few name changes we named her Princess Leia.  She is so cute and white!!  She is a miniature schnauzer, same kind of dog I always had growing up.  They really love her!  When they woke up that morning, she was just laying in her bed and Landon kept asking if she was so cute!  Mally said, "She is the most gorgeous puppy I have ever seen."  Here are a few pics of this years Christmas!!

Snow White!

Landon and Princess Leia

                                                         Landon as Bumblebee, with Lou

Granny and Ash

Mom, Sharon, and Kathy

Lou and Uncle Hurley

Abby, Ash, Lou, Trish and Shua

Lou, Abby, and Grandma at church

Santa Clause Came Here!!

Christmas at Grandma Lorna's

Mallory got Princess Dress-ups

Landon got a Star Wars gun he has ben BEGGING for!!

Our Tree

The Kids made these Gingerbread houses with Grandma Dororthy
Landon's Gingerbread House

Mallory's Gingerbread House

Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Family Reunion

My Family has reunions all summer long. Memorial Day is the first one. This Adorable picture of Mally was taken at a park up in Fielding. The reunion was great, we eat, the kids play games, and win prizes, but this really was the only picture worth posting! Landon didn't want to stay at the Reunion, he went and fed horses with Jon. He just can't miss one second without Jon when we are in Tremonton. He just thinks he is the best thing on earth! Anyway, Mally loved this big old field full of weeds...LOL. She thought that each little "flower" was great!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spiderman...Spiderman...Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman..

 I am pretty sure that this was one of the BEST days of Landon's life so far!  We had a Superhero Birthday party.  All the kids were invited to the Superhero Headquarters to help a Web-Slinging Super Hero save the day and find the birthday cake!!  It was great, Spiderman came and found the stolen cake!  I made all the kids a cape, and we played two games that gave clues to what superhero was coming to the party to save the day.  The first one we got yarn and tied them all together to make a web.  Second, Melanie and I filled balloons with spiders, and they had to stomp on them to see what came out.  They were some smart kids and totally figured it out.  Then Spiderman showed up.....not everyone thought that was fun.  Poor Brynlee, was hiding under Landon's bed screaming....poor girl.  Spiderman jumped all around, and found the cake!!  By the way, I made one cake all by myself, and Lorna made another one for the family party!  It was a great party!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Mallory loves to play with Landon, expecially "PIDERMAAAN", as she calls it. She will run around webbing and being spiderman. She really only gets a chance with the mask when Landon is busy or at preschool. When she put this mask on she said, "Hurry mom, picture!!" She is a little bit of a tease. Adorable though, absolutely adorable!

Winter Fun at Hardware Ranch

Nana and Casey took all of us to Hardware Ranch one Saturday. It was great fun! Here is Mallory and Presley waiting to ride the wagon, enjoying a donut and some hot chocolate. They are so cute together!

Here is Landon and Mally kickin the snow waiting for our turn on the wagon to see the elk. Landon was really excited to see all the big bucks!